Website How-To

How To Build A Page

Showing process on how to create an actual page from scratch and publishing for public to see.

How To Update Home Page

Showing where to update current homepage content information and imagery.

How To Upload Images & Files

Showing where to upload images, word / pdf documents and or videos

How To Update Contact Form

Showing how to update the contact form within the contact page along with the subscription form.

How To Edit Footers

Showing where to go to update the Footer section for all pages.

How To Add A Title Banner To A New Page

Showing how to create a custom banner to a new or current page build.

How To Edit Slide Banner

Show how to edit the Homepage slide banner.

How To Create A Blog

Showing how to create a new blog along with how to add it to be featured on the Homepage.

How To Add A Blog To The Homepage

How To Edit Current & Add A New Navigation Bar

Learning how to create a whole new navigation bar along with knowing how to edit the current version.

How To Add New Users

Learn where to add and or remove users from backend dashboard along with learning how to change their roles.

Where To Go To Update Theme & Plugins

There will be times where the site will need certain areas to be updated; this section will show you how to update your plugins and website in general.

Where To Go To Edit Website Colors, Tab Icon & Etc.

Showing how to use the appearance tab for the website identification.

Where To Update Sidebars / Widgets

Showing where to locate & how to update widgets.

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