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ProGreen Services strives to understand, support, and partner with home owners associations and their manager to dig in and understand their true needs.  ProGreen Services is made up of career “Green Industry” professionals which not only understand landscape needs but also human needs.
Lawn maintenance is a relationship of a vendor with your property and that of the people that inhabit and own the properties we are managing.
The success of the management of all of these elements are critical to the success not just of the chosen landscape firm but that of the property manager and ultimately the board and property owners.
We look forward to meeting you !!
ProGreen Services has built it reputation on multi family relationships.  We partner with local and national associations to support and better understand the day to day and changing needs.
ProGreen Services manages all aspects of the multi family landscape experience.  We understand the goals and challenges that d owner and manager to present the best home experience for their tenants.
We look forward to building our relationship with your company.
ProGreen Services cut its teeth on developing and servicing large commercial spaces.  Our specific understand of Irrrigation and water usage make us uniquely qualified to advise and consult on the “Design Build “ process and offer a valued product.
ProGreen Services understands the management of plant material and the long term value to the commercial / industrial client.  ProGreen partners with local and national associations to support and strengthen the entire industry.


Nematode Management For Perennial Landscape Plants In Florida

Nematodes are unsegmented roundworms, different from earthworms and other familiar worms that are segmented (annelids) or, in some cases, flattened and slimy (flatworms).

Whitefly (Bemista Tabaci) Management Program For Ornamental Plants

Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius), commonly known as silverleaf whitefly, is a polyphagous pest and listed as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species (Lowe et al. 2000).


I would like to take this opportunity to recommend ProGreen Services to anyone seeking a professional, reliable and efficient landscape contractor.

ProGreen has provided a variety of landscape services for Polo Lake Apartments including general landscape & irrigation repairs, irrigation replacement, large landscape change outs, tree trimming, mulching, etc. Clark Whiddon manages all contracts from beginning to end. He is a one source company and he will provide a detailed scope of work that will guarantee successful completion of any job he does.

I have been in the property management business for 22 years and ProGreen & its employees have been one of the best companies that I have had the privilege to work with. He is responsive and always provides a high level of professionalism.

– Bonnie Adderley
Executive Manager, Polo Lakes Designer Apartment Homes

McCraney Property Company is an industrial developer based in West Palm Beach, Florida. We have developed and manage over seven million square feet of Class A industrial buildings throughout the Southeast. We pride ourselves on the level of service we give to every tenant.

Pro-Green handles all of the landscaping for our properties in South Florida (close to one million square feet.) We have utilized Pro Green’s services for over a year now and have very high standards for all of our vendors, especially the landscaper. Pro Green was hired because our previous company could not meet our expectations. The choice to move Pro Green was the right one as they have shown pride in their workmanship.

Clark is very easy to work with. He responds to requests immediately. This is a key component as our properties always need to be kept in pristine condition.

I cannot say enough good things about Clark and his company. We are very happy and would welcome anyone tour our facilities to see his work.

– Michael Lanford
Asset Manager, McCraney Property Company

Please accept this letter as a formal recommendation of ProGreen Services for their work in landscape maintenance, installation, and design.

ProGreen Services has proven to be one of the most professional, efficient and knowledgeable landscaping companies I have worked with. Clark Whiddon and his team came on board to Park Air in January 2017, demonstrating immediate positive results. The property was in need of heavy weeding, irrigation rescheduling, and tree trimming. ProGreen quickly turned the property into the beautiful community it once was. More importantly, they have maintained it and have kept it in pristine condition.

My experience with ProGreen Services has been very favorable and I would encourage other companies to use their services.

– Amy Adorno
Property Manager, Park Aire Apartments

In Florida, irrigation is the lifeblood of any landscaping. Recently, we had several irrigation pump issues in our community. The Red Tail Homeowners Association decided to hire ProGreen Services because they were able to diagnose the problem, make recommendations to the board, and ultimately repair the issues in a timely manner that allowed our system to be back up in running.

After the initial repairs were completed, we found another pump issues and the ProGreen Services team was able to source out of state materials and again ensure our system was back up and running.

With a dedicated irrigation department Progreen Services can install, repair, or maintain any level of landscape irrigation. They are one of the best in the industry and we appreciate their professionalism, dedication, and prompt attention to our needs.

– Joyce Malone
President, RedTail Homeowners Association


Maintenance Divisions

Professionals which understand the full-service approach to quality and effective management

Landscape Enhancements

Right Plant in the right space – experience makes the difference


Career professionals full certified ISA


Integrated Pest Management – combined with proper fertilization


Full team of irrigation professionals

Educational Articles

We have a trove of educational articles that are written to provide our customers with the most current and useful landscaping information. From tips and tricks to the most current news in our industry, this is the place you can go to gain some insight into landscape & design. We add to this on a regular basis so stop back soon!

Florida Land Steward Update, September 9. 2022

Agricultural producers and landowners in Florida are encouraged to apply to participate in the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) by September 30, 2022 for the program’s current funding cycle.

Florida Lawn Handbook

Versions of these EDIS publications were included in the third (2005) edition of the Florida Lawn Handbook, which is available for purchase

Watering Your Florida Lawn

Irrigation is one of the most important cultural practices that we do for our lawns. Since water is a limited resource and is vital to the health of your lawn, it is very important that watering be done correctly.

Turfgrass Pest Management
  • Insect Management in Your Florida Lawn
  • Turfgrass Weeds
Insect Management In Your Florida Lawn

Several insects and insect relatives live in Florida lawns, but not all of them hurt the grass. Many are harmless, some are beneficial, and some are pests.

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